This Project has received funding from the European Union's HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 760949.

To reduce the time and cost of research and industry investment for development of Organic Electronic (OE) devices, digitization of materials and manufacturing information is a strategic advantage. Centralized materials information management facilitates the consolidation and sharing of knowledge and can lead to an increase in productivity, better resource efficiency, maximization of corporate/research IP usage and reduction of the time-to-market by ensuring zero data loss and hours wasted on data search, elimination of unnecessary repeats of materials tests and wasted investment.

cornet oie 

Due to the complexity of OE devices and their strong dependency between in-service performance and manufacturing reliability, the stages of product manufacturing from materials-to-layers-to-devices needs to be captured digitally for effective design and manufacturing decision-making. CORNET is developing a sustainable Database based on GRANTA MI, a materials information management system, for documentation of the OE device development chain, notably multi-scale characterization methods (physical and virtual) and agreed metadata to describe the completeness of datasets. The CORNET Database will demonstrate the collection and sharing of characterization and modelling data/information, and its use in model validation protocols, or work-flows, across multiple partners.

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