This Project has received funding from the European Union's HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 760949.

The OIE CORNET Platform constitutes an interactive web-based tool which interconnects entities from the academic, research, industrial and business communities interested in the triangle of manufacturing, modeling and experimentation of Organic/Large Area Electronics and their commercialization.

The users of the OIE CORNET Platform are able to communicate with each other to solve common problems in the triangle of manufacturing, modeling and experimentation. They can map their competences and infrastructure and notify the OIE CORNET Platform community about their current activities. Additionally, the OIE CORNET Platform services entail Training modules (e.g. webinars, visits) for the increase of innovation capacity of the users.
The OIΕ CORNET Platform is an effective tool for Networking and Clustering purposes since it provides the users with updated information on International Fairs (conferences, workshops) connecting them with existing clusters, industrial, academic and research entities, standardization bodies and other OIE schemes.

The OIE CORNET Platform will be interlinked with the OIE CORNET Database which encompasses standardized and traceable protocols and data for OE materials’ and devices’ characterization, modeling and processing.


cornet triangle