The 10th Conference & Exhibition on FPEs Industry (Targeting Digital Transformation, Green Energy, Lighting, Mobility, IoT, Wearables, Smart Cities, Smart Packaging, ...) – the leading event in the cutting-edge technologies, with a market share of more than 100 B€ – concluded with great success and eagerness for business by industrial entities which will make use of the innovations, applications and solutions generated by FPEs.

The 10th C&E on FPEs took place on 12-13 October 2020 at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, Greece, combining both Live and Virtual Participations and was co-organized by the HOPE-A Industry Association and the Nanotechnology Lab LTFN. The 10th C&E was also supported by the SEKEE, HETiA, HELAPCO, AGMPM Industrial Associations.

The 10th C&E brought together more than 80 companies and 210 top Stakeholders from Greece and from abroad representing a wide range of fields to which FPEs provide added value and groundbreaking applications, i.e. Green Energy, Energy Autonomous Systems, Lighting, Electronics and Communications, Automotive, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Greenhouses, Intelligent Packaging and Security, Health Care, Wearables, IoT, etc.

Through 26 inspiring talks, comprising of 8 Keynote and 18 Invited speakers, internationally acknowledged scientists and professionals from the Industry and Research emphasized how the state-of-the-art technologies and applications are exploited by the Industry and Manufacturing sectors leading to a Digital, Green and Circular Economy. Key industrial players presented how FPEs could be integrated in new and promising solutions. Business Associations outlined their activities and plan of action in FPEs and in coordinating industrial players with the scope to grab the chance lying ahead and create joint ventures and commercialization opportunities. Moreover, representatives from the EC informed the attendees on funding tools there are to support their R&I plans.

All participants had the opportunity to learn about our ambitious 14 running EU and National Projects like Smartline, Cornet, RealNano, FlexFunction2Sustain, MusiCode, Apollon, Photokipia, NanoAthero, OsteoFit, EKOBuilt, AGRORES, NFCPak, OPENERGY and SpinNano. In the framework of 10th C&E, parallel events with the Project partners participated either Live or Virtual in several EU and National Project meetings took place. For example, the 6M Consortium meeting of the Horizon RealNano and the 34M Technical meeting of the Cornet Project were held. During these meetings the progress of the planned activities and the next steps of the Projects were discussed.

The Greek National authorities showed their actual interest to the 10th C&E goals and FPEs' financial potential. The Deputy Minister for R&T Dr. Christos Dimas, the Deputy Minister of Education, Prof. Vasilios Digalakis, the Former Alternate Minister for Energy & Environment of Greece, Mr. Sokratis Famellos, the Secretary General for Int. Economic Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Grigorios Dimitriadis, the Vice Rector for Research of AUTh, Prof. Efstratios Stylianidis, greeted the event highlighting the significance FPEs and their exploitation carries for the country’s green deal, digital industry and economy.



In addition to that, it was pleasure the Exhibition to have been visited by the Ambassador of India to Greece, the head of the Research and Technology Department of KINAL, the representatives of the Attiki Region, of the Municipalities of Athens and Halandri, impressed by the innovative and intelligent products and their multiple applications. Lastly, many entrepreneurs from the energy, construction, shipping and fashion sectors visited the exhibition and appeared great interest in utilizing innovative energy and lighting technologies and their applications in smart cities, shipping, architecture, fashion etc.

The 10th C&E was ended with the Competition and Awards Session, where Start-Ups and SMEs pitched their business and the ones with the most well-structured plan on FPEs were awarded. The first award was granted to OET, the second to Depia Automations and the third one to BL Nanobiomed. These ambitious companies are members of HOPE-A and managed to be distinguished for their innovations.


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