Organic/Large Area Electronics (OE) is a rapidly emerging sector, that will revolutionize existing and new consumer applications in Energy, Lighting, Displays, (Bio)-Sensors, Transportation, Medicine, Wearables, ICT, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. The OE devices (OPVs, OLEDs, PPVs, etc.) consist of complex multilayer architectures of nanolayers (5-200nm thick) and exhibit superior functionalities including lightweight, capability for cost effective and large area manufacturing on flexible substrates (plastics, paper, thin glass, etc.), stretchable form factor, high aesthetics and an excellent environmental profile.

Nevertheless, in order to unleash the potentiality of OE to dominate and revolutionize existing and new consumer products, it is crucial to optimize the materials (synthesis, thin film fabrication), materials' behaviour (modelling, characterization, testing, metrology and in-line monitoring) and OE device manufacturing processes. Despite the fact that there are many academic, research and industrial entities in Europe with state-of-the-art competences and infrastructures to promote innovations in OE materials, devices and processes, the current fragmentation and dispersion of the innovation efforts provide significant obstacles and delays to the optimization of OE manufacturing processes. Furthermore, these cannot be effectively addressed by individual entities due to the lack of necessary expertise & infrastructures at national level and limited potential for implementation to the European Industry.

The process optimization and model validation of OEs can only be addressed by a strong transnational cooperation between excellent academic, research and industrial manufacturing entities that will bring their world-class excellence in the triangle of manufacturing, modelling and experimentation to an effective OIE Platform & Database. This is the ambitious vision of CORNET which will be achieved through the following objectives.

  1. Development of an effective OIE connecting world-class industrial, academic & research experts in Manufacturing, Multiscale Characterization & Modelling, for optimization of OE materials, materials' behaviour & process optimization, and for the creation of a reliable database, citable protocols and contribution to standards.

  2. Multiscale Characterization & Modelling to optimize OE materials & devices fabrication and validation of materials' models for faster development cycle and time-to-market.

  3. Optimization of the fabrication of OPV, PPV and OLED Devices by R2R Printing and OVPD Manufacturing Processes.

  4. Efficient large scale Fabrication of tailored (OPV, PPV, OLED) nano-devices by R2R printing and OVPD processes and Demonstration to Industrial applications.