CORNET will develop a unique EU Open Innovation Environment (OIE) covering the triangle of Manufacturing, Modelling and Experimentation.

The project will also optimize the OLAE materials, behavior and nano-devices' manufacturing processes through multi-scale characterization and modelling. This will have huge impact on the fast and reliable development of new materials and devices, enabling the control of production processes for tailored OE devices fabrication and systems for industrial applications.

Large Scale Manufacturing

Roll-to-Roll Printing, OVPD

Multi-scale Modelling

DFT, Molecular Dynamics, Mesoscopic, Compact Modelling, Simulation

Multi-scale Characterization

Optical, Electrical, Surface, Structure, Mechanical, Barrier, Thickness

  • General Information

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    Research & Innovation Action
    Systems of materials characterization for model, product and process optimization
    39 months (1/2018-3/2021)

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  • Project Partners

    • Nanotechnology Lab LTFN - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
    • National Physical Laboratory (UK)
    • University of Surrey (UK)
    • Organic Electronic Technologies (Greece)
    • University of Ioannina (Greece)
    • Centro Ricerche FIAT (Italy)
    • Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, CNRS (France)
    • Granta Design (UK)
    • Fluxim (Switzerland)
    • Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association, HOPE-A (Greece)
    • APEVA (Germany)

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CORNET's concept is to optimize the Organic/Large Area Electronic materials and manufacturing processes of OPVs, PPVs and OLEDs by establishing a unique OIE combining the world-class excellence and synergies of its partners and networks, in the triangle of Manufacturing, Modelling and Experimentation.