FLUXIM co-organized the 7th International Conference on Simulation of Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics, SimOEP'20 (30th August - 2nd September).

The online conference comprised of talks from distinguished speakers and training seminars with R&D tools from Fluxim AG.

Also an oral presentation of CORNET results took place with the title: "Finite Element Modeling for Analysis of Electroluminescence and Infrared Images of Thin-film Solar Cells" 363 researchers have registered for the event.

fluxim simoep20

The three-day conference covered the following topics:
  • Light management for enhanced light-absorption in solar cells and enhanced light emission in OLEDs
  • Charge and exciton transport modeling in organic semiconductor devices – from molecular to the device level
  • Charge transport modeling in various organic and hybrid solar cells:
    planar and bulk heterojunction perovskite and organic solar cells
  • Charge injection, transport and recombination processes in state-of-the-art OLEDs
  • Models for a variety of electrical device characterization techniques from DC, transient to AC operation
  • Advanced optical and electrical characterization techniques and experimental validation
  • Parameter extraction techniques
  • Morphological structure and property correlation
  • Advanced materials and devices such as novel LEDs, ionic devices, QD materials, and non-fullerene acceptors
  • Machine Learning