At the 7th Korea-EU NanoWorkshop Dr. Argiris Laskarakis presented an overview of the activities, pilot lines and in-line characterization facilities for Organic & Printed Electronics in Greece.

He outlined the connection of OEs characterization, modelling and manufacturing data to industry applications (automotive, energy and construction) which is achieved in the Open Innovation Environment Platform being developed in the Horizon 2020 Project CORNET. The optimization of the manufacturing processes of Organic & Printed Electronics devices taking place in the Horizon 2020 Project Smartline were also thoroughly outlined.

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CORNET met with its sister Horizon 2020 Open Innovation Environment Projects OYSTER and MMAMA at the 7th Korea-EU NanoWorkshop, in Seoul. The 3 OIE Projects worked on aligning their actions in the triangle of modelling, characterisation and manufacturing in order to have a multiplied effect. A joint Workshop will be co-organized by the 3 Projects to present their activities, promote the OIE and connect with industrial partners for the faster market uptake of their innovations. More on the joint Workshop will be announced soon.

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CORNET partners Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, OET Organic Electronic Technologies and HOPE-A presented the project's scope and innovations at “INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - Innovative industries for smart growth”, organized by the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU, widening the sphere of Stakeholders contributing and benefiting from the CORNET Open Innovation Environment.

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The Open Innovation Environment on Experimentation, Modelling and Manufacturing of Organic Electronics developed in CORNET was presented at the "9th Workshop on Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry (Targeting the Digital Transformation)" on 22nd October, in Athens. Dr. Argiris Laskarakis from Nanotechnology Lab LTFN explained how CORNET will be advancing the Flexible and Printed Electronics Industry.

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SmartLine's 12th month Consortium Meeting took place at Divani Caravel Hotel, in Athens, on October 23rd, with participation of AUTh, CRF, LayTec, Aixtron, IBS, Suragus and OET.

CORNET is featured in European Commission’s CORDIS news article as majorly optimizing manufacturing in the Organic Large Area Electronics sector together with the H2020 Factories of the Future SmartLine Project (

The news article is highlighting how Printed Solar Cells are transforming Electronics' Manufacturing, and some of the fascinating advantages Organic Electronics acquire, which makes them ideal for implementation in existing and new consumer products in a wide range of areas.

In the same article CORNET’s partner - OET - record of a 7.4% efficiency for a fully Roll-to-Roll Printed OPV and the aspiration to achieve 9 % efficiency by 2021 are mentioned!

More info available here.

The Workshop will take place on October 22nd 2018, 09.00 am at the Divani Caravel Hotel, Athens.
The Workshop will bring together Top-class Scientists, Engineers, Key Industrial Players, End-Users, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Policy Makers and Representatives from the National and EU Authorities to discuss, network and establish the Strategy and Policy for boosting the rapidly evolving Flexible & Printed Electronics multi-Billion Industry in Green Energy, Lighting, Electronics, Automotive, Smart Buildings, Greenhouses, Intelligent Packaging, Wearables, IoT, etc. and its role in the Digital Transformation of the Industry.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • The Flexible & Printed Electronics Sector and Activities
  • Manufacturing and Processes of Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics
  • Printed Organic Electronics and Automation in Factories of the Future
  • Tools for the Digital Transformation of the Industry
  • Energy and Lighting for Smart Buildings, Automotive, Greenhouses, Healthcare, etc.
  • Sensors, Biosensors in Electronics, Smart Textiles, Wearables, Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Intelligent and Smart Packaging
  • Clusters and Associations in Flexible & Printed Electronics Worldwide
  • Flexible & Printed Electronics Entrepreneurial activities
  • Funding & Commercialization Opportunities

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Workshop's Poster

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Download the workshop's poster from here.

Ms F. Logothetidi from the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association (HOPE-A) presented the CORNET concept, objectives and 6 months’ progress at the Workshop on 'EU Projects on Nanotechnologies & Advanced materials for OPVs and Perovskites PVs' at ISFOE18 during NANOTEXNOLOGY 2018, on 3rd of July 2018.

Τhe Workshop was co-organized by NAMEC, Nanotechnology Lab Ltfn, HOPE-A and gathered Coordinators of European Projects, Technology and Market experts.

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The Month 6 CORNET Consortium Meeting has been completed successfully in Thessaloniki finalizing the specifications of materials, device architectures, manufacturing processes, characterization and modelling parameters. The first version of the OIE Database and the OIE Platform have been established, as well. The goals for the next 6 months in building the CORNET Open Innovation Environment in the triangle of Characterization, Modelling and Manufacturing have been set up.

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Cornet will present its innovations at the Workshop on 'EU Projects on Nanotechnologies & Advanced materials for OPVs and Perovskites PVs' during NANOTEXNOLOGY 2018! Τhe Workshop is co-organized by NAMEC,Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, HOPE-A and will gather Coordinators of European Projects, Technology & Market experts and representatives from the Industry. Do not miss it!